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Fair Market Rent Prices in Aroostook County, ME :
$519 $630 $781 $1,046 $1,230
Studio / Efficiency 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4-Bedroom
0-BR 1-BR 2-BR 3-BR 4-BR
Affordable 50th Percentile Non-Metro

Fair Market Rent prices in Aroostook County are average compared to the national average. This FMR area is more expensive than 56% of other FMR areas. Fair Market Rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Aroostook County is $781 per month.

The previous year, rent for a two-bedroom home was $734 per month. This is a 6.4% increase year-over-year.

This FMR rate applies to Portage, ME, Crouseville, ME, Westfield, ME, Sinclair, ME, Grand Isle, ME, Kingman, ME, Benedicta, ME, Orient, ME, Stockholm, ME, Oxbow, ME and other cities within the region. The Metro Code or CBSA code for this region is NCNTY23003N23003.

Additionally, This Fair Market Rent (FMR) area Aroostook County, ME spans seventy-two counties or cities in Maine which ares listed in the table below. Estimated population of Aroostook County, ME FMR area is 0 people based on 2000 Census data.

Compared to the rest of Maine, the Aroostook County FMR area is less expensive than 95% of the state.

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What is Fair Market Rent?

Fair Market Rent is determined each fiscal year by the HUD and is used to set payment standards for federal housing assistance programs in Aroostook County. Fair Market Rent is the 40th-percentile of typical rentals in a given region. Learn more

Median Rent Prices in Aroostook County

To compute the 40th percentile of rent prices the HUD must determine the median or 50th percentile as well. 50th percentile rent prices are NOT fair market rents (unless otherwise noted as a 50th percentile designated region above). However, some home owners or rents may be interested in the median rent prices as well.

50th Percentile Rental Prices:
0-BR Studio / Efficiency $ 540
1-BR 1-Bedroom $ 656
2-BR 2-Bedroom $ 813
3-BR 3-Bedroom $ 1089
4-BR 4-Bedroom $ 1280
Change Year:

The counties, cities, towns, and regions listed below fall into the Aroostook County, ME FMR area and have the same Fair Market Rent prices which are listed above. This FMR area covers two metro areas: Bangor and Presque Isle.

County / Region Est. Population
Allagash town, ME 0
Amity town, ME 0
Ashland town, ME 0
Bancroft town, ME 0
Blaine town, ME 0
Bridgewater town, ME 0
Caribou city, ME 0
Cary plantation, ME 0
Castle Hill town, ME 0
Caswell town, ME 0
Central Aroostook UT, ME 0
Chapman town, ME 0
Connor UT, ME 0
Crystal town, ME 0
Cyr plantation, ME 0
Dyer Brook town, ME 0
Eagle Lake town, ME 0
Easton town, ME 0
Fort Fairfield town, ME 0
Fort Kent town, ME 0
Frenchville town, ME 0
Garfield plantation, ME 0
Glenwood plantation, ME 0
Grand Isle town, ME 0
Hamlin town, ME 0
Hammond town, ME 0
Haynesville town, ME 0
Hersey town, ME 0
Hodgdon town, ME 0
Houlton town, ME 0
Island Falls town, ME 0
Limestone town, ME 0
Linneus town, ME 0
Littleton town, ME 0
Ludlow town, ME 0
Macwahoc plantation, ME 0
Madawaska town, ME 0
Mapleton town, ME 0
Mars Hill town, ME 0
Masardis town, ME 0
Merrill town, ME 0
Monticello town, ME 0
Moro plantation, ME 0
Nashville plantation, ME 0
New Canada town, ME 0
New Limerick town, ME 0
New Sweden town, ME 0
Northwest Aroostook UT, ME 0
Oakfield town, ME 0
Orient town, ME 0
Penobscot Indian Island Reservation, ME 0
Perham town, ME 0
Portage Lake town, ME 0
Presque Isle city, ME 0
Reed plantation, ME 0
Sherman town, ME 0
Smyrna town, ME 0
South Aroostook UT, ME 0
Square Lake UT, ME 0
St. Agatha town, ME 0
St. Francis town, ME 0
St. John plantation, ME 0
Stockholm town, ME 0
Van Buren town, ME 0
Wade town, ME 0
Wallagrass town, ME 0
Washburn town, ME 0
Westfield town, ME 0
Westmanland town, ME 0
Weston town, ME 0
Winterville plantation, ME 0
Woodland town, ME 0
Zip Codes in Aroostook County, ME

There are 47 unique zip codes in this Fair Market Rent (FMR) area:

04424, 04451, 04459, 04471, 04487, 04497, 04730, 04732, 04733, 04734, 04735, 04736, 04737, 04738, 04739, 04740, 04742, 04743, 04744, 04745, 04746, 04747, 04750, 04751, 04756, 04757, 04758, 04760, 04761, 04762, 04763, 04764, 04766, 04768, 04769, 04772, 04773, 04774, 04775, 04776, 04779, 04780, 04781, 04783, 04785, 04786 and 04787

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