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Fair Market Rent (FMR) Data Download

Do you need average rental prices across the U.S. for your next project? Look no further! We provide a complete list of Fair Market Rents organized by ZIP Code.

Our data includes the latest Fair Market Rents and median rent prices across the country broken down by state and ZIP Code. Data is available in an easy-to-use CSV file that can be imported and opened in Excel. This is the same data used to power

You can purchase the data download for any year available on our website. Data is updated each fiscal year in October.

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  • Provides up-to-date and yearly rental price data across the entire U.S.
  • Includes Fair Market Rents and Median Rental Prices (FMR is determined by the HUD and is sometimes lower than the median)
  • Data available from 2006 to 2024.
  • Easy-to-use Excel CSV Format, Instant Digital Download
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Data Dictionary

Each data file contains 16 columns:

Example Data

98109WashingtonKing County2018110812431527221126171456163320062904343840
98110WashingtonKitsap County201872588211371615190076793312031709201040
06389ConnecticutNew London County201884092811901575183789899212711683196240
06390New YorkSuffolk County2018122115271878242827261317164820262619294040
07020New JerseyBergen County2018124614391691216125621246143916912161256250
07021New JerseyEssex County201898810821314168519501059115914081806209040
07022New JerseyBergen County2018124614391691216125621246143916912161256250

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fair Market Rent?

Fair Market Rents are set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The rates are used for determining eligibility and amount of assistance offered through federal housing assistance programs such as the Housing Voucher Program (sometimes called Section 8).

When are new rates published?

New Fair Market Rents are determined each Fiscal Year. The Fiscal Year for 2024 is from October 2023 to September 2024.

What is Fair Market Rent for properties with more than 4 bedrooms?

For each additional bedroom add 15% of the 4-bedroom FMR rate.

What is the difference between Fair Market Rent and the Median Rent?

Many believe that the Fair Market Rent is the median rent price. This is a common misconception. In fact the Fair Market Rent is the 40th-percentile of rent prices in an area. This means Fair Market Rents are actually slightly below average.

Because many people are also interested in the median (or 50th-percentile) rents we include that data also.

What is FMR Type?

This "fmr_type" field has two options: "40" or "50". If the fmr_type is 50, then the FMR rate will be the same as the median rate.

In most areas the Fair Market Rent is the 40th-percentile of all rent price in the area. However, in some expensive regions the HUD can designate a region as a "High Cost Area." In High Cost Areas the FMR is set at the 50th-percentile (or median) in order to help people receiving housing assistance to find housing.

Data Limitations

The HUD determines Fair Market Rents on a county-by-county basis. This dataset is broken down by ZIP Code. ZIP codes are not always aligned perfectly with municipal or county boundaries. There are some cases where ZIP codes span across county lines.

In these cases you may get incomplete or inaccurate data as we only map one FMR to each ZIP. In ambiguous cases there is no guarantee as to which FMR will be returned.

Disclaimer and Terms

We provide this data on an as-is basis, and while we take all measures to ensure accuracy and completion we cannot be held liable for the contents of the data provided. If you have a comments or concerns please contact us.