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Fair Market Rent Prices in Somerset County, ME :
$580 $663 $856 $1,116 $1,196
Studio / Efficiency 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4-Bedroom
0-BR 1-BR 2-BR 3-BR 4-BR
Moderate 40th Percentile Non-Metro

Fair Market Rent prices in Somerset County are high compared to the national average. This FMR area is more expensive than 76% of other FMR areas. Fair Market Rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Somerset County is $856 per month.

The previous year, rent for a two-bedroom home was $781 per month. This is a 9.6% increase year-over-year.

This FMR rate applies to Rockwood, ME, West Forks, ME, Hinckley, ME, Cambridge, ME, Shawmut, ME, New Portland, ME, Caratunk, ME, Detroit, ME, Athens, ME, Solon, ME and other cities within the region. The Metro Code or CBSA code for this region is NCNTY23025N23025.

Additionally, This Fair Market Rent (FMR) area Somerset County, ME spans thirty-seven counties or cities in Maine which ares listed in the table below. Estimated population of Somerset County, ME FMR area is 52,228 people based on 2010 Census data.

Compared to the rest of Maine, the Somerset County FMR area is less expensive than 75% of the state.

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What is Fair Market Rent?

Fair Market Rent is determined each fiscal year by the HUD and is used to set payment standards for federal housing assistance programs in Somerset County. Fair Market Rent is the 40th-percentile of typical rentals in a given region. Learn more

Median Rent Prices in Somerset County

To compute the 40th percentile of rent prices the HUD must determine the median or 50th percentile as well. 50th percentile rent prices are NOT fair market rents (unless otherwise noted as a 50th percentile designated region above). However, some home owners or rents may be interested in the median rent prices as well.

50th Percentile Rental Prices:
0-BR Studio / Efficiency $
1-BR 1-Bedroom $
2-BR 2-Bedroom $
3-BR 3-Bedroom $
4-BR 4-Bedroom $
Change Year:

The counties, cities, towns, and regions listed below fall into the Somerset County, ME FMR area and have the same Fair Market Rent prices which are listed above. This FMR area covers one metro area: Bangor.

County / Region Est. Population
Anson town, ME 2,511
Athens town, ME 1,019
Bingham town, ME 922
Brighton plantation, ME 70
Cambridge town, ME 462
Canaan town, ME 2,275
Caratunk town, ME 69
Central Somerset UT, ME 338
Cornville town, ME 1,314
Dennistown plantation, ME 33
Detroit town, ME 852
Embden town, ME 939
Fairfield town, ME 6,735
Harmony town, ME 939
Hartland town, ME 1,782
Highland plantation, ME 73
Jackman town, ME 862
Madison town, ME 4,855
Mercer town, ME 664
Moose River town, ME 218
Moscow town, ME 512
New Portland town, ME 718
Norridgewock town, ME 3,367
Northeast Somerset UT, ME 390
Northwest Somerset UT, ME 62
Palmyra town, ME 1,986
Pittsfield town, ME 4,215
Pleasant Ridge plantation, ME 93
Ripley town, ME 488
Seboomook Lake UT, ME 48
Skowhegan town, ME 8,589
Smithfield town, ME 1,033
Solon town, ME 1,053
St. Albans town, ME 2,005
Starks town, ME 640
The Forks plantation, ME 37
West Forks plantation, ME 60
Zip Codes in Somerset County, ME

There are 22 unique zip codes in this Fair Market Rent (FMR) area:

04478, 04911, 04912, 04920, 04923, 04924, 04925, 04929, 04943, 04944, 04945, 04950, 04954, 04957, 04958, 04965, 04967, 04971, 04975, 04976, 04979 and 04985

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